Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thinking of You!

A friend of mine needed a thinking of you card so this is what I ended up making her! This friend needed it for a family whose daughter is in need of open heart surgery. Please keep this family in your prayers!

Friday, January 30, 2009

PAGE 3 for the RRS

Here is page 3 for our scrapbooking groups album!

SUPER BOWL - Yeah Steelers!

Following are some of the newest things I made for my scrapbook pages for the Super Bowl this Sunday. I wanted to get a head start on it. I think they turned out great!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another one for the RRS album!

I made page two of our Ravenous Red Squirrels album (RRS). I learned two things from making this page. Green embossing powder does not show up on dark paper - it just turns black - bummer! I also learned that the Versamark pen works for embossing but not as good!
Oh and I remembered late last night that I needed a birthday card for one of the teachers at school and this is what I came up with.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ravenous Red Squirrels!!!!

I have started our scrapbook for the fun group of ladies that have attended the Pine Lodge back in Sept '08. Our next swarm (crop) is coming up again in 23 days - CAN'T WAIT - YIPEE! We are hoping to keep adding to this scrapbook at each of our events! Isn't it a cute title page? We acquired this name because one of the lodge rules was to keep the windows closed because of the Ravenous Red Squirrels that will get into the lodge - this became a big joke among the girls and that is how we took on our group name!

I finally got my scrapbook room back in order. My wonderful hubby put up cabinets for me and drywalled the one wall so that I could hang some things on there. I just love having the extra lights under the cabinets too - So much brighter than before! I have a space where I crop in our unfinished basement and I love it. I have plenty of room that way and I can always spread out. If it was finished off then I would be limited to the room size. I like spreading out - my area gets bigger each year! LOL

Following are two cards that I made last night. The stamps were a Christmas gift from my dear friend Beanie. It pays to have good friends. Thanks Beanie I am loving these stamps!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Okay I can finally post the birthday card that I made for my BIL. He received the card now so I know I can't ruin his surprise! Susan thanks for helping with the card by designing the dog for me - I am still learning how to design things so that was a big help! My BIL loved the card by the way! He built this robot dog last year from the sheetmetal of a Jeep Cherokee door. He named him JEIP (pronounced Jeep). I have attached the original photo of the artwork he used to design him and the photos of the actual dog he made. You can now see and appreciate how talented he really is.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking a break!

Believe it or not - I haven't worked on cards, scrapbooking or anything craft related all weekend. I know that is quite unusal for me but I have just been trying to get my computer organized lately. As many of my good friends know I am quite the organization freak. I have let the files go somewhat and wanted to get them organized for our retreat. I have been downloaded tons of cute things to get ready to cut them on the Cricut for some of my pages. I just now need to organize photos and get them developed. This little stuff takes so much time - I think I have everything just about where I want it.

My family and I did decide to go skiing Sunday since the kids where off school today. Boy did we pick a gorgeous night. We had so much fun and didn't get cold once. That is quite unusual with the way the weather has been. My hubby tried snowboarding with my son again and seems to be hooked. DH can't wait to go again. I think it looks fun but don't think I could do it. I am use to skiing and would always want to lift my one leg. My DH is always so great with trying new things - What a good sport and great, fun father he is!
Who knows I may give in and give it a try with my daughter next time.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Here is another layout I did for the day we spent at Lake Clarke testing the new, faster motor that my brother-in-law had just put on his boat. We didn't spend much time there but what a beautiful place it was. The motor worked great and the kids and the dog had a wonderful time!


Here is my finished Robby Robot Card. It is very basic but I like it that way. The robot is the best part of the card. It was originally for my BIL for his birthday but after he spoiled the surprise, he asked if he could have it to send to one of his good buddies for Christmas . His friend is very much into robots and Robby is his favorite. Well how can you say no to that! I heard his friend enjoyed it which was an extra pleasure!

Good old Robby went from Birthday card to Christmas card in a flash! Thanks again for the file Susan! (

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay I can't wait to show you how cute the recipe cards turned out for my swap we are having. Most of the girls are not on my site on a regular basis so hopefully they won't see it. I think it is adorable! I have also included a layout I did last night - first one for 2009 and the first one in two months I think.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


No actually I am really happy that I am getting my 14 recipe cards done for my swap. I have crabs everywhere! Boy are they taking me forever but are they ever worth it. They are turning out adorable - at least I think so. I wish I could post one of the finished cards but that would spoil the surprise for the girls who will be receiving them. I will post the finished cards after Feb. 22.

How could you be Crabby with a big smile like that?

Monday, January 12, 2009


I forgot something else that I had done. When Lowes had there Wall Pops (vinyl) on sale for only $1 on clearance down from $14.99/roll, I bought all that they had in every color I could find. I came home with quite a bit of vinyl and I haven't used it since I bought it. Therefore, I thought it was time to dress up my little girl since she is always working so hard for me and never misses a beat! We have quite a friendship going on! Hope you like her!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday - I have been busy this weekend with my kids basketball games and trying to get ready for my Feb. retreat. I have made lots of goodies lately but don't want to post them yet - don't want to ruin the surprise for those attending. I have made a cute scrapbooking game to play, name tags, etc. Now I am working on 14 recipe cards for my swap that we will be having at the retreat - Love this idea - they are going to be so cute but time consuming!

I realized that I have some cards to be making for this month. Both my husbands and my brothers birthdays are this month along with four other friends of mine. I also have thank yous to get done from Christmas - I know I am late getting these out - better late than never! Here are two of the cards I just made last night. I can't post my brother-in-laws card (which is the best one of all) for fear that he will look here again. He saw the robot in the prior post that he was not suppose to see. That robot was going to be his birthday card but since he was peeping he didn't get it. He is just lucky I really like him! LOL

Thursday, January 8, 2009

ICE STORM - How Beautiful though!

Two days ago we had an ice storm. Everytime we get one our poor birch tree in the front yard takes a lot of abuse. Last year we lost a big limb off of it and this year the center finally broke. I guess the poor thing just couldn't take it anymore! This is sad because we planted this tree when my son was starting preschool (he's in seventh grade now) and we have taken the kids pictures in front of it every first day of school. It is neat to see how the kids and the tree have grown. I guess the tree will be okay but it sure won't be the same with out the middle being there!


Wow I can't believe that I haven't posted anything on here since November 30. Where has the time gone? I guess when you leave for a week to vacation in the WARM, sunny state of Florida and then come back home only to realize that Christmas is only a few weeks away, you get kind of frantic with everything. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season - I know my family did. I have really missed my card making and scrapbooking - haven't touched it since the night before Christmas when I got the brilliant idea to make some gift card holders. I am slowly trying to get back in the swing of things but am now busy doing some things for my upcoming swarm in Feb. 2009. We have a group of 16 girls that will be cropping the night away for a long weekend (Thur-Sun). I can't wait! Following are some photos of my gift card holders - I think they turned out cute and the recipients loved them. It was worth the last minute effort to make them instead of just handing them the gift card.

Gift cards fit perfect in these little purses I made with the TBBM cart on the Cricut.

This card was my favorite I think because of the paper (wish the picture was better for you to see). I used my branch punch again - I love that punch!

And last but not least:

Okay Deb are you happy with me now? HAHA