Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking a break!

Believe it or not - I haven't worked on cards, scrapbooking or anything craft related all weekend. I know that is quite unusal for me but I have just been trying to get my computer organized lately. As many of my good friends know I am quite the organization freak. I have let the files go somewhat and wanted to get them organized for our retreat. I have been downloaded tons of cute things to get ready to cut them on the Cricut for some of my pages. I just now need to organize photos and get them developed. This little stuff takes so much time - I think I have everything just about where I want it.

My family and I did decide to go skiing Sunday since the kids where off school today. Boy did we pick a gorgeous night. We had so much fun and didn't get cold once. That is quite unusual with the way the weather has been. My hubby tried snowboarding with my son again and seems to be hooked. DH can't wait to go again. I think it looks fun but don't think I could do it. I am use to skiing and would always want to lift my one leg. My DH is always so great with trying new things - What a good sport and great, fun father he is!
Who knows I may give in and give it a try with my daughter next time.

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