Monday, February 23, 2009

Long Awaited Weekend is Over - Boo Who!!!!

Well my weekend get-together with my buddies is over and we had another awesome time. We rent a lodge that is just beautiful and sits in a great mountain setting! We have gone there twice now and each time it is so much fun. We play games, have classes, eat the best meals (too much food really), visit the local scrapbook store for a fun make and take and spend way too much money at the store plus teach each other so much about EVERYTHING (even non scrapbooking things) and hopefully get a few things done other than talking and carrying on like a bunch of school girls! Our motto is "What happens at the lodge - stays at the lodge". We added an extra day this time making it a four day weekend but have come to the conclusion that is not enough either. We want to make it a week long event but fear the husbands may either disown us or just plain enjoy it way too much. We are scared to hear which they will pick so I guess we will stick with the four days. LOL There is one bad thing about our weekend - waiting till the next one - 7 months away - THAT IS WAY TO LONG!!!!!!

Loved being with you ladies and can hardly wait for our next one! Sorry we missed three of you in the group photo!


Chedder Fish said...

OMG- What the heck kind of frown am I making- I look like an idiot! haha Oh well.

Thanks for a rocking time!

Chedder Fish said...

You must have been in the shower or in the zone when I made it- it was so strong.

Even Deb laughed at me when she saw my little dance and then when I made it I totally said I'd share when people commented on the smell but no one took any. haha