Monday, November 9, 2009

Storage Card

This is a very fast and easy card that I just made to send little notes from my kids and their school photos in. This would also be great for sending gift cards. I used a long envelope that was sealed and cut it in half. I then glued it to one side of paper and then folded the paper up to glue the next side. I left a flap so that it will go under the front square piece that I made. I tried to create a more vintage type look so I inked the edges all white and then I saw a challenge somewhere to use cardboard in some type of project so that is how I came up with that. I did find out that the embossing doesn't work so well on the rough side of the cardboard. Oh well - I still like it - gave it more of an aged different type look!

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7524kes said...

Clever adaptation. Thanks!