Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter everyone - hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends! We decided to spend the weekend at our campsite with my brother and his family who also have a permanent campsite! We were going to head out on Friday but since it was raining we decided to wait until Saturday morning to leave and therefore decided it would be fun to bake some Easter cookies!

We had a great time at camp but boy was it cold. We were sitting by the fire last night in 37 degree temps. (It felt a lot colder than that to me!) I know you are all thinking we were nuts but what would it be like not sitting by the campfire at night while camping? We just didn't sit there as long as we usually would! Thank goodness we have a warm camper to sleep in.

We woke up this morning to more cold temps and ate breakfast and headed to the the pond where we like to spend time fishing - the kids love fishing! We lasted about 10 minutes because with the cold temps and wind made it quite miserable. We decided to take a long hike instead (that way we were moving and keeping warm) - what a fun time that was - there is so much beauty all around us if you only take the time to find it! (Hiking up two VERY steep moutains makes you realize how out of shape you really are - I definitely stayed warm though)! LOL After the hike we decided to have an egg hunt throughout the campground and had a wonderful turkey dinner before heading home! The day was so nice - not a care in the world and just spending good quality family time with each other! NOW THAT IS HOW I LIKE SPENDING EASTER!

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