Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Having been doing much scrapbooking or cardmaking here lately. I have a funny story! Me and five other girlfriends tood a road trip to head to several scrapbook stores - had a wonderful time. Our last stop was Ollies and one of the ladies found a K and company beautiful paper pack for I think it was $5. Well we harrassed her because she wouldn't share and that wasn't fair that was the only one and we wanted one too. LOL She started feeling bad about having the only paper pack and when she came home she went to the local Ollies to see if she could find us one - your a sweetie Ann. They didn't have any but she did find 300 sheets of K and Company paper in a cute box for $20. We let her off the hook this time and we all rushed out to get one before the last seven packs were gone. (I love their paper and this pack is awesome). Well while I was at Ollies my daughter found a comforter that she fell in love with. YAHOO - my daughter will never change anything and detests any time of change. Matter of fact she cried when I painted my bedroom a different color. Anyways I told her I would purchase this comforter for her if she would let me remove the wallpaper (baby looking for her 11 year old age) in her room and paint it. I told her she could go and chose some things for her room and everything. She said yes - I had been trying to get her to do this for the past four years! YES ARE YOU SERIOUS! In pure joy we headed to Michaels to buy some things with a beachy theme. I was still not believing this. The next morning I woke up and was at the tool rental place by 7:30 a.m. to get a wallpaper steamer. I was not going to give her anytime to change her mind. I have been hard at work on her room for the past two days. I figured since everything was in disarray on that end of the house, why not just head to the kids bathroom and strip the wallpaper in there. So scrapbooking and cardmaking are not quite a priority right now so please be patience with me since I may not be posting as much in the near future. I hate things disorganized so this project will need to get done ASAP (those who know me understand)!! plus my kids have no bathroom to use right now. HIP HIP HOORAY that stupid wallpaper is down (what was I thinking ten years ago?) When I get the urge again I still have wallpaper in the master and spare bathrooms plus my sons room that needs to be taken down. I didn't want to put the entire house in chaos all at once! LOL So the moral to this story is don't let your friends get a paper pack and less they are going to share because it could change your life - at least for a week or so! giggle

My daughters room before the hurricane (aka MOMMY) comes through!

How all her walls looked yesterday by 2:30 pm

Hubby decided to come home early and help me out and this is what it is starting to look like now! Toilet in the hallway!

Walls have gotten spackled (needs a couple more coats) and are almost ready to be sanded and then painted. Going to pick the paint tonight!

Looks like I will have more pages to scrapbook after this mess is over! It will be worth it in the end! My goal is to have no wallpaper in the house at all!

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