Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mistakes Galore

Well I thought it was bad when I spelled Cruisin wrong on my previous layout and remember when I said I am sure there are many more mistakes in my scrapbooks? Well I have spent the past hour and a half changing screw ups in my books. I was trying to put things in order and get some scrapbooks put away (I have five in progress right now) when I noticed that I had my daughters school pictures as second grade and guess what she is in fifth. I now I don't want her to grow up anymore but that is ridiculous. I also realized I had fourth grade photos with her fifth grade things and on and on. I guess I need to stop the late night scrapbooking or either learn to concentrate a little more. I have only gone through one scrapbook I hate to move on to the next ones!


Chedder Fish said...

I still like you and besides-life's no fun with out mistakes! :)

Mommy Mel said...

Good thing because I make a ton of them!